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Monday, October 4, 2010

Witness Foils ATM Scam at Ladner Bank

ATM Card Skimming Device
ATM Card Skimming Devices like the one shown here record your information while you bank.
Ladner, BC - A plot to collect cardholder information from a Ladner bank machine in the 5100-block of 48th Avenue was foiled by a diligent observer.

A Trio of Hispanics, two males and one female, were attempting to install a card skimming device over an ATM keypad when a witness called the police. The police attended the scene and conducted a search of the area but they were unable to locate the culprits.

Card skimmers have been used in a number of schemes to steal money from ATM users. The device reads the card and records as the user inputs their PIN code. These devices are disguised to blend in to the machine and can be difficult to spot. In a typical card skimming operation, bank cards are forged using the information collected and are used to withdraw funds from their unsuspecting victims.

Fortunately, for users of this bank machine the device, which was equipped with a pinhole camera, was uncovered prior to collecting any information and the Delta police have seized it for forensic examination.


  1. I have a question about the pinhole camera. Does it make a difference anymore if you cover your hand when you input your PIN or is this camera able to look even if your hand is covered?

  2. Yes it does. Keeping your hand covered prevents them from filming your pin. It's also a good idea to hit phantom numbers as well. That is, pretend to depress a couple extra digits without really pushing. The quality of the film they take makes it hard to tell if you pressed or not.