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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Kathleen E. Higgins

Kathleen E. HigginsAs part of the 2010 Delta Free Press Candidate Challenge each candidate was asked to fill out and return a questionnaire covering some of the issues and questions that the citizens of Delta are facing right now. There are eight candidates vying for a single seat in the upcoming by-election. Here is the first set of answers returned.

Name: Kathleen E. Higgins

Why are you running for city council?

I'm running for Delta Council because I believe I can help Delta face its present challenges. I am convinced that, by making wiser use of existing residential land in Delta, we can better protect farmland and natural areas, attract more first time home buyers to Delta and increase our tax base, so that Delta can more easily pay for services and infrastructure.

What do you feel you offer the citizens of Delta?

I offer the citizens of Delta my expertise, dedication and new ideas. My 2009 submission to the Delta Housing Task Force could be the beginning of a trend toward building smaller homes on smaller lots-- renewing Delta, both visually and demographically. I've lived in Delta for over 35 years. My husband and I have raised our family here. I've worked as a lawyer, a journalist, and a community activist. At present I'm the office manager for 3 of my older children, the award-winning country music band, The Higgins. I have a history degree and a law degree. I understand the challenges facing Delta and am convinced I can help Delta meet those challenges.

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing:

North Delta?

Lack of affordable housing is an important issue for North Delta. Large single family homes and new luxury townhomes are beyond the reach of most first time buyers. People want more choices in affordable housing than just small apartments and secondary rental suites. Allowing empty-nesters to turn their large empty homes into strata title homes, as has been allowed in Shaunessy and North Vancouver, is worth considering for Delta. Encouraging home owners to replace aging ranchers with 3 smaller homes, rather than one large home, is worth considering, especially if one of the 3 is a maintenance-free retiree's unit. To protect farmland and natural areas and to increase Delta's tax base, Delta needs to explore new ideas for home ownership.


There are many issues facing Ladner. Declining school enrollment that lead to school closures is one. To address this challenge we need to attract young families to Ladner with innovative home ownership options. The truck traffic from the Delta Port expansion is another issue that impacts Ladner. The disruption of farmland around Ladner as the South Fraser Perimeter Road is built on the present route is an important issue. If Southlands is approved, the extra traffic that would be generated would negatively affect Ladner residents. The need for funding from other levels of government to carry out dredging in Ladner Harbour is an important issue. The need to renew the downtown core in Ladner is also an important issue.


The Southlands issue is the biggest challenge facing Tsawwassen at present. I am in favour of putting Southlands back into the Agricultural Land Reserve. The negative impact of Delta Port Expansion is another issue. Declining school enrollment is another important issue and, as in North Delta and Ladner, I would propose encouraging the building of smaller homes on smaller lots as one way of attracting more young families to Tsawwassen. If large lots could be subdivided by the owners themselves rather than by developers, this would allow the owners to sell part of their lot at a more reasonable price. It would allow retirees to sell part of their lot to their grown children, and still remain in their own neighbourhood as they age.

Delta as a whole?

Other levels of government have not paid sufficient attention to preserving quality of life in Delta. Mega-projects from higher levels of government like the Delta Port Expansion and the South Fraser Perimeter Road show that Delta is seen more as a transition point, rather than a respected community. Delta needs to make its voice heard to other levels of government. Delta needs to use its existing residential land more wisely and create smaller homes on smaller lots in order to attract more young families to Delta, to keep retirees in Delta and to increase its tax base.

Tsawwassen Area Plan

Tsawwassen is currently in the midst of an area plan review. As your first order of business as a city councilor it is likely you will have to vote on an updated plan. The most contentious issue in the Tsawwassen Area Plan is the proposed development of the Southlands by the Century Group.

Do you support some residential development of the Southlands? * (Required)


As a councilor would you vote to rezone this property from its current agricultural designation to allow residential/commercial development on the property? * (Required)



I favour putting Southlands back into the Agricultural Land Reserve. It would be an extremely negative precedent to allow this prime agricultural land to be turned into residential land. It's better to use existing residential land in Delta more wisely, gradually increasing the number of home owners by building smaller, more modest homes on smaller lots and subdividing large lots, where appropriate, than to allow the huge development of Southlands to proceed.
South Fraser Perimeter Road
The provincial government has officially announced the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. This 40 kilometer four lane highway will cut through Delta connecting Delta Port with Highway 1.

What is your view of the South Fraser Perimeter Road?

* (Required)

I favour using trains and/or barges to move container traffic out of Delta rather than using trucks to transport container traffic and building the Sough Fraser Perimeter Road. If the highway for trucks is to be built, however, there are at least two other routes that could be used, which would not impact Delta farmland and Burns' Bog so negatively. I would promote the tunnel option or the Hoover Naas Option in Delta Council and try to highlight the negative environmental and social factors of the present SFPR route.

In Region Waste to Energy

Mayor Lois Jackson has gone on record supporting an in region waste to energy facility be built in Delta.

Do you support development of a waste to energy incinerator in the Delta region? * (Required)



In studying the science of energy from waste, there seems to be much less air pollution and leeching involved with an energy from waste plant located in Delta or Gold River, compared to filling thousands of trucks with garbage so that the garbage can be driven hundreds of miles to a large dump, such as at Cache Creek. I do support vigorous recycling policies and the eventual goal of zero waste. Until then, however, if waste can produce jobs, relatively clean energy and revenue for Delta instead of costing millions of dollars every year, we should consider the advantages of energy from waste.


What is your favorite food? Everything except squid

What is your favorite movie? Lord of the Rings

What is your favorite place in Delta?

I don't have just one favorite place. The beaches, dykes, farms, parks, Nature Reserve and forests in Delta are all wonderful. We took our children to Centennial Beach so many times while they were growing up, so that is definitely one of my favorites. Watershed Park could be an international tourist destination if more people realized how beautiful it is. I remember taking our children to Deas Island Park when they were little to pick black berries; it's a wonderful place for a family picnic. Delta could become an eco-tourist destination with just a little more promotion.

What is the last book you read?

To Africa with a Dream

Who is the one person who you admire most?

Olga Marlin


In the late 1950s, just before Kenya gained its independence, Olga Marlin was one of several women who moved to Kenya with the goal of starting the first Kenyan inter-racial and interdenominational school. Olga showed generosity, strength and solidarity with the poor when she left everything behind in her own country of Ireland in order to help people in a developing country. I admire her big heart.


Who are the major contributors to your campaign?

The contributors to my campaign are friends and neighbours. They were moved to donate to my campaign because they liked my 2009 Delta Housing Task Force submission and believe my ideas can help make wiser use of existing residential land, create affordable home ownership options for first time buyers, give more housing options to retirees, and generally help improve Delta.

If you don't win in this by-election do you plan to run in the general election in 2011?



  1. I think that Kathleen Higgins has some very good practical ideas that could work for Delta whereas Sylvia Bishop offered no concrete ideas that I could find.

  2. As a young adult living in Delta, I hope to stay here when I have to buy a house. Kathleen's ideas on development are right on the money, literally. To be able to afford a comfortable sized single family home would be an amazing opportunity. That however is simply not an option right now in Delta. She has my vote.

  3. Its quite clear that Kathleen has an excellent grasp of the many challenges facing Delta and offers knowledgeable and sensible solutions to meet the future head on. For Delta's sake, I hope she has the opportunity to serve on council.

  4. Wow - make way for Kathleen Higgins. We were forced to move out of the Delta area because there was no affordable housing. We would love to move back one day, perhaps if Kathleen is voted onto council we may have a chance at buying into the market! She has solid ideas and clear goals. Delta needs her.

  5. Amazing ideas and depth. Finally a politician that seems real. Higgins has my vote.

  6. Promoting affordable housing for young families will have a great trickle-down effect. Amazing ideas from Higgins!

  7. Kathleen's clear-sighted,non-ambiguous, conscientious,exceptionally hard-working, generous in spirit, very amicable and right on target re. affordable housing as the key issue!"Yes" for Kathleen Higgins!

  8. There is no razzamatz with Kathleen. she is not spewing any unreasonable ideas - just logical, fact-based, workable, livable solutions. If things continue on the downward spiral that Surrey has encouraged, in 5 years,all you will see are mega houses with 2 kitchens and illegal suites plus parking nightmares and school overloads. I can not urge people enough to actually LISTEN to Kathleen and think about the future for Delta and its children!

  9. Kathleen is a one trick pony. Housing, housing, housing. You can't do anything about housing until you change the OCP and I have never seen Ms. Higgins at a Tsawwassen Area Plan meeting. I haven't seen Ms. Higgins at a Metro Livable Region Meeting. Ladner town centre and waterfront? Again, missing in action. I don't doubt her good intentions but to make things happen you need to show up and work. Kathleen, like many of the candidates that lost in the last election have been sitting at home licking their wounds while this developer owned city council runs roughshod over the public.

    Sylvia Bishop has been on the front lines, fighting for the people of Delta. This election needs to send a message to the puppets paid for by Ron Toigo, Sean Hodgins, and the rest of the "Delta Boys" who think they still rule over us like royalty.

  10. Kathleen Higgins seems like a clear thinking, logical, common sense candidate. Delta should be so lucky if she is voted in.

  11. Finally, a politician who listens and understands family matters, now and for the future of Delta!

    Kathleen's platform of increasing affordable housing in Delta shows one of her many practical and important goals dedicated to young families, like mine, to our senior citizens, and to the progress of the community of Delta as a whole!

    I hope you join me in supporting Kathleen Higgins!

  12. I want to address the comments that I am a "one trick pony" or "missing in action". I volunteered to be on the Delta Area Plan Committee. I have attended Council Meetings, and given input. I made a submission to the 2009 Delta Housing Task Force and have spent the last two years promoting my housing ideas to all levels of government, to CMHC, to journalists and to other interested parties. My election brochure specifically deals with the need for changing the Delta Bylaw, the Area Plans and the Official Community Plan.

    My approach is to propose positive and viable solutions, while at the same time trying to address the many ongoing challenges facing Delta.

  13. Kathleen, your biggest mistake was getting involved in this publication. The smarter candidates will ignore this so called by-election challenge put forth by Mr. Glazier. Carry on with your great ideas and don't let these communists drag you down to their level.

  14. Kathleen has my vote. She has great ideas and a lot of common sense.

  15. Agree. She is the right candidate and hope all other cities will have the same leader of similar platform.

  16. Regardless of the communist nature of this publication. I think your answers were well thought out and I admire your views.

    I check out this site all the time and I think it's great that we have an alternative to the 'traditional' newspapers in Delta. The Optimist and Leader have to make sure they don't anger Sean Hodgins too much or he threatens to pull his ads.

    Hard to get any decent reporting in this town.

    BTW. Comrade Glazier is the best looking communist I have ever seen.

  17. You have my vote Kathleen you are the right person for that position. Strong personality and clear goals.You will have my vote and all the Hispanic ladies will be with you.

  18. Kathleen has my vote. She is doing something for Delta residents her ideas are phenomenal. She obviously doesn't sit at home feeling sorry for her lost in last year elections. Kathleen is the politician in action always trying to find the best solutions. Thank you Kathleen.

  19. Ms. Higgens seems like a very nice lady but unfortunately we need more than a nice lady with nice ideas. We need someone who has been involved in politics for a long time and understands how to stand up to the bullies who currently occupy the mayors chair and all the male councilors who treat Pederson and King like addled headed ninnies. Worst yet, neither King nor Pederson have had what it takes to take a contrary stand against any of them because they are afraid of being disliked and not part of the group. They feel they can solve the problems faced here in Delta by listening in their first term. More like get walked over. Yes, Ms. Higgens is very nice and she has some good ideas but niceness and good ideas get you no where at this council table. It will take someone who is willing to take her seat at council table and shove the doors open so the rest of Delta knows what's going on. Look at those ugly rock things that have Delta on them Who asked the public if we wanted them and how much did they cost? Frankly I'd rather they used that money to reduece the cost of lessons at the rec centers. Sylvia Bishop is the one who'll not be afraid to get those answers and demand the public is aware that this nonsense is exposed before it's ever done. Sorry, nice just won't do it this time, I want someone with some fight in em, and Sylvia Bishop does.

  20. Yes Ms. Higgens it is terrible needed as vancouver is buryng us alive. If people has affordable housing we have it all, we need shelter to store and protect all we have, family and belongings, etc.
    Go for it and we cheer you up to speak up for the need of others.

  21. Sylvia Bishop should try to run her campaign without so much mudslinging. No one appreciates that.
    Ms. Bishop's position on the Southlands already prejudice her from voting on that should it ever come before council (and on the remote chance that she were elected). If she had any integrity, she would excuse herself from that issue since she has already made up her mind. We want a council that is willing to listen to all sides, as they are required to do, and then vote based on reasonable decisions. Ms. Bishop is not willing to listen to anything that she has already made her mind up on and that is not a good council candidate.
    Insulting the current mayor and council only insults the majority of the population of Delta, since we are the ones who elected them. Pegging Ms. Bishop against all the other mayor and council is a clear sign of ignorance.
    As well, insulting Ms. Higgins based on YOUR assumptions is presumptious.

  22. I do believe Bishop and Higgins are both against developing the Southlands and both stated that neither one of them would vote on changing the agricultural designation of the Southlands. I applaud both of them for at least answering that question in a straight forward way. I don't think either of them would need to excuse themselves from voting on the issue because they have stated their platform in advance. They would be honour bound to vote against the development of the Southlands, and since that is what the majority of Delta residents wants it would be well received in the public.

    Unlike the Liberals and their co-conspirators in the business world who would deny deny deny the HST until after the election and then get on the phone with Ottawa 3 days later and ram the tax down our throats against our will.

    There is no room in our municipal government for Liberal lackeys like Mayor Lois Jackson, Councilor Hamilton, Councilor Campbell, and Bruce McDonald (remember how they publicly supported Wally Oppal in the last provincial election?). This by-election gives us a chance to send a formal message to our nefarious crew at municipal hall that their days are numbered. Whether its Sylvia or Kathleen being sent to deliver the eviction notice is up to the voters. But rest assured the Liberal crew (and that includes Ian "Pave over Farmland" Paton and Maria "Where's Wally" DeVries) in power now will not survive the upcoming general election.

    Now there's some mudslinging!

  23. Bob, thanks for your misguided comments. I'm not sure that Ian Paton would be happy to pave over any farmland that is viable. If you are referring to the Tsawwassen Golf Course development, he was one of many farmers that beleive the land there was not viable for farming anymore given its current condition. The amount of farmland that was put back into the ALR more than made up for this piece being taken out. It is called COMPROMISE. Of course, you experts would never listen to what the bona fide farmers had to say because you are so much smarter.
    As for Maria, she as well is also into preserving farmland if you actually listened to what she said.
    Open your ears instead of your mouth. Maybe you'll hear what Delta really wants.
    How about Ms. Bishop just run her campaign based on her own merits? Not the perceived untruths you are speading of the other candidates. Or is "just Ms. Bishop" to weak on her own?

  24. Note from the editor:

    We here at the Delta Free Press make every effort to allow free speech through our unmoderated comment system. We do not however condone the use of profanity, especially when it is directed at another reader.

    For this reason we have chosen to delete the last comment.

    In other words... Play Nice.

  25. Dear Anonymous,

    Being a Ladner resident I am unaware of "Ms. Bishops" weaknesses and strengths. I am aware though that there is a lack of integrity at city hall right now. I would have hoped that Krista Englland would have run as she is a woman of integrity, an effective voice, and true environmentalist.

    It would have been nice if an actual farmer had run in this by-election but that didn't happen either. Ian Paton is no farmer. Of course his talents as an auctioneer would come in handy for selling off Delta's interest to the highest bidder.

    The Delta Farmers Institute has yet to find a piece of farmland that wasn't great for growing houses. They are a bunch of old school bullies that want every piece of land in Delta rezoned so they can sell out and retire in style.

    COMPROMISE? You have to be kidding? How can you compromise when it comes to the protection of farmland? You either protect it, or you don't protect it. On this issue I would quote the wisest person ever:

    "Do, or do not. There is no try."

  26. Bob, who would you conisder an "actual farmer"?
    For the record, Ian Paton is a third generation farmer who lives and makes a living on his family farm which is in the ALR. He is a "bona fide" farmer which the government of BC allocates, but like the previous "anonymous" stated, you are far smarter than anyone who is actually linked to farming.
    As for the Delta Farmers Institute, these members come from farming families who have lived and have made a living by farming in Delta for many generations. Again, they are obviously not as in touch with the farming community as you are.
    Not positive, but I believe that Ian Paton auctions farm equipment and livestock, and of course the dozens and dozens of charity auctions he does for Delta and the greater Vancouver area, however I'm pretty sure he does not do real estate.
    Yoda?? Seriously?

  27. I only come to this site for my Tuesday DVD releases so I have no clue what the heck everyone is on about. I need to stop subscribing to comments because you guys are totally whack!

    The question I would ask is why hasn't the paper posted this Paton guys answers. Probably the best way to settle your little P!$$ing competition.

    And keep Yoda out of this!

  28. ^Exactly what I was thinking. Where are the other guys who are running? If they don't think DFP is worth their time then don't mention them. Clearly the other council hopefuls would have replied if they thought anyone who might vote for them read this. Right now this is about Bishop and Higgins, not Ms. Higgens, not Paton, and not DeVries.

    "Size matters...."


    PS: post above, please get with the program. I'm glad your into DVD's but elections are pretty important as well.

  29. Kathleen has hit the nail on the head as far as housing goes! We have lived in North Delta for 18 years and have watched our once single family neighbourhood turn into a mega house rental unit neighbourhood with cars parked everywhere and no one paying their share of taxes. Young families cannot afford to buy here and raise their families in the neighbourhood they grew up in. Let's make North Delta the wonderful family oriented area that it used to be!Show Kathleen your support! She has my vote !

  30. One gets the strong feeling that Kathleen Higgins' main focus is not herself and success but genuine interest and concern for young families and the preservation of the simple, good things in life that are what really matter. Smaller, affordable housing, protection of the environment, respect for agricultural land - this is important!!

  31. “As an independent, I represent everyone in the community, and if I represent myself as belonging to a political party, then I am seen to only represent those parties’ views, and that’s not correct at all,” Sylvia Bishop-Candidate for Delta By-Election Aug 2010 in the Straight Talk.
    Stated after approaching the Delta North NDP for endorsement, who will be having a fundraiser for her. She will not advertise this in the South because it wouldn't be to her advantage. This woman obviously has no principals.
    I remembered Kathleen from a previous campaign and have been searching the internet for more information on her, since I thought that she might be someone I could support. After reading her responses, now I'm sure that I will.

  32. You are correct, Sylvia Bishop has absolutely NO principals. She and her henchmen seem to think that lies and scandals will help them win this election. Kathleen has integrity and she will do a good job for Delta.

  33. To the Anonymous who said I should get with the program cuz I only come here for the new DVD releases. I live in Sacramento so I can't vote for you there. I looked up where Delta is. Canada?

    I didn't think Canadians got this worked up about anything. It must be the long winters.

  34. Finally someone with a firm grasp of issues facing all of the Delta communities and with some direction as to how these can be solved. Kathleen Higgins will certainly have my vote.

  35. I only watched a bit of the all candidates forum, so far, so I'm not sure if it was there or in a newspaper but there is a "statement" made that more tax incentives should be made for developers (housing?) I'm not sure which years that Kathleen was on the North Delta Area Plan and what her experience was, however, when I was on one in the early 90's, meetings were held in every neighbourhood for input on what they would like to see. A strata built at 84th Ave & 115th was originally to be six units. No developer would touch it unless they could build eight units, due to profit margin. They were well built and very reasonably priced, at the time. A great plan was made for the "triangle" (Scott, from 96th to 92nd,) with retail and residential both on top of the stores and plan for towers, apartments etc. The owners were, for the most part, out of the country speculators, who aren't interested in improving anything. Also, there and the rest of the community is the profit margin problem again when speaking to developers. What can be done for this. I so glad to so someone addressing housing here.

  36. I want to reply to the person from California. I'm glad you were curious enough to look up Delta and find out where we are. The editor should be flattered that you like the DVD reviews so much. That being said the discussion taking place here is healthy and actually very Canadian, especially on the weird - oops I mean - the west coast of Canada. We're much like Californians, who care very much for their environment and the future that lies ahead. Actually, Tsawwassen is a major stopover on the Pacific Flyway and many of the birds you see where you are need to rest and feed here on their way down south. Delta holds the record for the longest Public Hearing in British Commonwealth history, a part of history Americans at one time were part of. That 1989 public hearing was over the public will to prevent the development of a large piece of farmland and an integral part of the Pacific Flyway now called the Southlands. At the time Delta politicians and developers were trying to develop it and the public's wish was that it remain as farmland. Now here we are some 20 years later back to the same issue with the same developer, more housing units and the same political bent. Only now, while the protection of the Pacific Flyway is still important, people are realizing that our food security is a hugely important issue. The Southlands has some of the world's best farmland and to pave over a large portion of it is probably not the smartest thing to do, especially when we see what is happening to farmland in your neck of the woods. Better for us to feed ourselves than expect California to. California is already having problems feeding itself, so, being Canadian I politely say this to you. Since you like DVD's so much, please watch Food Inc. and then get outside and get involved in what's happening around you locally. The way things are going here, we're going to have a hard time feeding ourselves, let alone feeding California.

  37. I must say i wouldn't trust the land owner farmers of Delta to decide what land is still viable for farming if the alternative is to allow the land to be sold for development as i would see this as a conflict of interest. The farmers stand to make a huge profit if they convince us the land is no longer "farm-able" and should be re zoned for housing or business use. i dont know who is to be trusted with this determination but certainly not the farmers! As to Sylvia Bishop I wouldn't trust anyone who says she doesn't represent any particular group as she wants to represent all and then has her representative approach both the Provincial and Federal NDP riding associations in Delta (North) to ask for motions of support ( dont know if they made the same request of the South Delta NDP Provincial riding association) . Seems Kathleen has some insight into a housing plan for Delta that doesn't favour developers and if for that alone I will support her. Oh, and to the person who made the references to "Communism" in the posts much earlier, I would venture a guess u have no idea what "Communism" even is other than a swear word in ur vocabulary seeing as how i doubt the folks u refer to are in fact communists nor do i see how u could possibly refer to this publication as communist, its not owned by the State, which would be a minimal requirement to qualify. As a matter of fact i see above some advertising for a yoga business and other free enterprise endeavours which would be completely out of keeping with a "Communist publication" seeing as how "Free Enterprise " wouldn't be supported in such a manner in a Communist publication , u sound just like the Americans who demonized Canadian Health Care by calling it "Socialism" in the health care debate they went through recently ( when, if asked, they had no idea of the principles of Socialism ), they , like u have no idea what the words mean other than "bad", such ignorance, its no wonder u prefer to be known as "anonymous"!

  38. Let's not forget that Sylvia Bishop is also the president for NDP Delta South. Yet she claims she does not represent any particular group.

  39. Lorne, you are right about conflict of interest (farmers declaring that their own land is not longer farmable). However, if you are referring to the Toigo project, it was not the farmers that owned the land and they had nothing to gain by stating that the land was no longer farmable. There were also independent studies done and cost analysis of returning the land to a farmable state. This was in the millions. The farmers were asked to comment simply to see if anyone was willing to take on this small piece and farm it. No one would touch it.
    For a farmer to get any land out of the ALR would be very difficult, if not impossible for the purpose of rezoning and developing, and rightly so.
    I also agree with you on Bishop. Her being president of NDP Delta South seems to have been kept quiet during her campaign and is in total conflict with what she is preaching about not representing any particular group. Hopefully the general population of Delta already know this.

  40. I'm not sure how having a political belief system somehow means that you only represent a particular group. Would you rather have a politician who doesn't hold positions or strong values? Is that who you think will represent "everyone?"

    I would rather have a councilor who has taken positions and worked in their life for things he/she cared about, rather than played it safe and avoided taking a stand.

  41. Most people getting involved in their communities or running for office typically do have a political belief system. That doesn't necessarily mean that they have a political agenda. However for someone who, in print, states that they don't represent any particular group as they want to represent all, and then asked for endorsement from a specific group,( who hold some specific beliefs and values) at the very least, show a certain degree of dishonesty. At least Ian Paton met Sean Hodgins in public. Sylvia has hidden the names of all her "members" on her "Elect Sylvia Bishop to Delta Council" Who exactly is she fraternizing with??

  42. To imply that Sylvia holds all of the beliefs of the people who endorse her is just silly. Getting an endorsement doesn't mean that you represent all of the interests of a particular group. Sylvia has received a number of endorsements from a range of people from different political ideologies and backgrounds.

    I will point out that Pandher is a Conservative, Devries a BC Liberal, and Paton is DIVA. All of these candidates have made statements about being independent and balanced. Are they also "dishonest?"

    Of course not. Every candidate has a different political background and different groups who support them. But governing fairly and for all citizens is related to a politician's approach, not their political history.

  43. Sylvia is the president of NDP Delta South, so I'd be pretty sure she hold the beliefs of the NDP party.

    Delta Independent Voters Association is not a political party, but rather an electoral orginization. There is a big difference.

  44. It's amazing that supporters of other candidates come on here and espouse their opinions of Kathleen and Sylvia. It's obvious they read the Delta Free Press and take it very seriously, if that go to the effort of making comments.

    Instead of attacking the two ladies that have the courage to answer the questionnaire and bare public scrutiny, you should be asking why is it that the candidate you are backing doesn't have the courage?

    Is it because they can't honestly answer the very simple and straight forward questions?

    Is it because their honesty would damn the in the public eyes?

    Is it because they have too much to hide?

    Instead of attacking these honourable ladies, you should be asking yourselves why won't your candidates speak up?

    Enough said.

  45. I support Kathleen, it is clear that she wants to keep young families in Delta and preserve the future.
    She is not afraid to take a radical stance.

  46. Kathleen Higgins is a fresh voice for families. She has no political ties to any party and would not be drawn into the provincial political arena. Affordable housing for young families with children and the possibility of keeping Delta taxpayers in Delta are two good reasons for supporting Kathleen Higgins

  47. Im voting for her,she LIVES in NORTH Delta(where I live).This means she knows what goes in here more than in South delta.She will care more about the part of Delta she lives in.Im sick and tired of all the people in south Delta getting their butts kissed while North Delta gets all the crap they dont want.

  48. Someone wants something done in SOUTH Delta, its done in a week or less...You live in NORTH Delta and it takes over 3 MONTHS of pesturing Delta hall and engineering staff till your blue in the face.Then it finally gets done because Canada day celebrations just happen to be in the school yard next to your house where the mayor will attend and doesnt want to get you in her face about it.
    Go look at how a SOUTH Delta school is maintained with regular yard work done so it looks like the grass is cut with sciccors and hand fertilized,newly painted school etc and then go look at a school in NORTH Delta with weeds everywhere and unpainted since Reagan was in power...
    Find ONE tall building in Twassen or Ladner thats over 10 stories high..then go to NORTH Delta and look at our towers.When you ask why they dont have tall buildings out there you get told"Well they dont want them".You think WE want them????????????????

  49. I personally agree with your statement that North Delta keeps getting crap. It is so obvious and I am sick of it too. I can't drive down River Road or Scott Road without shaking my head in utter dismay. It's shameful and I for one would like to see someone stand up and shout, "I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

    Unfortunately, that never happens and North Delta keeps voting in the same group over and over again. You have the population in the North. You have the votes. Why then are you not represented properly when you do vote in mostly North Delta candidates in?

    Is it because most of the major political money contributors live in the south? It is something to think about.

    The majority of the current council lives in the north. Are you are being served properly?

    I believe this by-election is more about sending a message. Who we choose to send that message is up to you, I'm not going to even try to persuade your vote. All I know is that the status quo is not working for anybody and we as ONE UNIFIED CITY need to stand up in unison and say, "NO!"

  50. Kathleen Higgins is an excellent candidate, full of fire and the passion to serve her community. She genuinly cares and will do everything possible to help young families be able to find an affordable home. As a mother of three living in a one bedroom apartment, I fully realize how important this is! Vote for her, you won't be disappointed! I'm sure she'll give her utmost to improve the quality of life for all in Delta.

  51. The mayor and 3 councilors are all from North Delta. That's a majority.

    So if you have a complaint about what's happening in North Delta, why do you keep electing them?

    It's time for more representation from South Delta.

  52. The fact that the mayor and 3 counillors live in North Delta hasn't helped us any, has it. It's a good point that most of the major political money contributors live in the south, and they vote for these people based on their records. South Delta gets a lot of representation. Why give them anymore?

  53. We need a councillor from Ladner. All other regions already have representation on Council. I'm voting for Ian Paton.

  54. He's not from Ladner. He lives in East Delta which is waaay away from Ladner.

  55. Haha. That's funny. East Delta is part of Ladner.

  56. To those of you that incessantly whine about the Mayor and 3 Councillors residing in North Delta - let's do some math together, shall we...North Delta has more than 50% of the entire population of this community. So why shouldn’t they have 50% or more of council representation? The comments being posted are simply indicative of the greed and sense of entitlement that so many of you feel. Its disgusting really – you deserve each other!