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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DVD Releases Tuesday December 7, 2010

This Week's Top Pick:
InceptionInception Director Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight") took a common sci-fi story premise -- people invading the dreams of others -- and wove it into a fantastic, mesmerizing sci-fi mystery thriller that takes viewers through layers and layers of real, surreal, and unreal worlds. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of Extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible: Inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: Their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. Vitals: Director: Christopher Nolan. Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas. 2010, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 148 min., Science Fiction Thriller, Box office gross: $288.405 million, Warner.


Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright (2010) Aidan Quinn, Mario Van Peebles, Danny Pino, Luke Goss, Bokeem Woodbine, Gina Gershon, Andy Garcia. Billionaire criminal Charlie Wright is living in self-imposed exile in Tijuana after his Ponzi scheme came crashing down. But Charlie soon finds that redemption has its price as he is pursued by a Mexican gangster, a U.S. federal agent and a former client looking to settle a score -- and grab his $2 billion stash. The chase is on as they all race to be the first to capture him. Extras: Deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes interview with the cast, short feature "Baines." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Maya Entertainment).

Barry Munday (2010) Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer. Based on the novel "Life is a Strange Place" by critically acclaimed author, Frank Turner Hollon, "Barry Munday" follows a suburban wanna-be ladies man named Barry Munday, who wakes up in the hospital after being attacked in a movie theater only to realize that he is missing one of his most prized possessions ... his "family jewels." To make matters worse, Barry learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he doesn't even remember sleeping with. Extras: Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).

Big Bad Mama/Big Bad Mama II Double-Feature Collector's Edition. "Big Bad Mama" (1974) stars Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, Sally Kirkland, Robbie Lee and Susan Sennett. Extras: Commentary by director Steve Carver and director of photography Bruce Logan, Leonard Maltin interviews Roger Corman, theatrical trailer and TV spots, "Mama Knows Best" retrospective featuring interviews with Roger Corman, filmmaker Steve Carver, writer Frances Doel and actress Angie Dickinson. "Big Bad Mama II" (1987) stars Angie Dickinson, Danielle Brisbois, Julie McCullough, Robert Culp, Bruce Glover. Extras: Commentary by director Jim Wynorski, Leonard Maltin interviews Roger Corman, theatrical trailer. (Roger Corman's Cult Classics/Shout! Factory).

The Bob Hope Collection. Three-disc set with five Hope films, remastered from brand-new, stunning high-definition transfers. The films include "Road to Rio "(1947), "Road to Bali" (1952), "The Lemon Drop Kid" (1951), "My Favorite Brunette" (1947 and "The Seven Little Foys" (1955). $34.93. (Shout Factory).

Bonanza: The Official Second Season -- Volume One (1960-61) Five-disc set, $42.99. Extras: Commentary by Julie Adams and Ben Cooper; David Dortort Archival Footage (1992: Cartwright Family Inspirations: The Pitch to Prevent Cancellation; Photo gallery: RCA party, NYC, Colortown Cincinnati, Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, cast members at "Home," Ponderosa Ranch interiors. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).

Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season (1996-97) Three-disc set with 22 episodes, $29.98. (Lionsgate).

Cronos (1993) Guillermo del Toro made an auspicious, audacious feature debut with "Cronos," a highly unorthodox tale about the seductiveness of the idea of immortality. Kindly antiques dealer Jesus Gris (Federico Luppi) happens upon an ancient golden device in the shape of a scarab, and soon finds himself possessor and victim of its sinister, addictive powers, as well as the target of a mysterious, crude American named Angel (a delightfully deranged Ron Perlman). Featuring marvelous special makeup effects and the unforgettably haunting imagery for which del Toro has become world-renowned, "Cronos" is a visually rich and emotionally captivating dark fantasy. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Guillermo del Toro and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, including optional audio with the film's original Spanish-language voice-over introduction as well as DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray edition. Extras: Two audio commentaries, one featuring del Toro and the other producers Arthur H. Gorson and Bertha Navarro and co-producer Alejandro Springall; "Geometria," an unreleased 1987 short horror film by del Toro, finished by the director in 2010, plus a new video interview with him; "Welcome to Bleak House," a video tour by del Toro of his office, featuring his collectibles and personal work; new video interviews with del Toro, Navarro and actor Ron Perlman; video interview with actor Federico Luppi; stills gallery; trailer; a booklet featuring an essay by film critic Maitland McDonagh and excerpts from del Toro's notes for the film. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Criterion Collection).

Crazy Mama/The Lady in Red Double-Feature Collector's Edition "Crazy Mama" (1975) stars Cloris Leachman, Ann Sothern, Linda Purl, Stuart Whitman, Jim Backus. Extras: Commentary by director Jonathan Demme and producer Roger Corman, interview with Jonathan Demme and Roger Corman, theatrical trailer and TV spots. "The Lady in Red" (1979) stars Pamela Sue Martin, Robert Conrad, Louise Fletcher, Christopher Lloyd, Robert Forster. Extras: Commentary by director Lewis Teague and actor Robert Forster, commentary by producer Julie Corman and screenwriter John Sayles, theatrical trailers. (Roger Corman's Cult Classics/Shout! Factory).

Curious George: Sweet Dreams (2010) Eight shows from the Daytime Emmy-winning PBS KIDS TV Series. (Universal).

Disciples of the 36th Chamber (1985) Gordon Liu, Hsiao Ho. Classic Shaw Brothers martial arts film. Fong Sai Yuk, an incorrigible teenager whose troublesome antics constantly anger the Manchu officials, is sent by his mother to join the master of the Shaolin Temple, monk San Te, to learn the ways of the Shaolin. Yet Yuk's rebellious behavior soon leads the temple into a villainous trap and its up to monk San Te to save his temple and protect his troublesome new apprentice. (Vivendi Entertainment/The Weinstein Company/Dragon Dynasty Collection).

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation (2010) Gary Valentine, Elisa Donovan, Casper Van Dien, Dean Cain and the voices of Mario Lopez and Paris Hilton, ABC Family original live-action/animated movie sequel to last year's "The Dog Who Saved Christmas." The Bannister family including former K-9 police hero Zeus (voiced by Mario L√≥pez) – is back, and this time they’re spending their holidays at a beautiful Rocky Mountain resort. But toss in an unexpected visit from cocky Uncle Randy (Casper Van Dien of “Watch Over Me” and The Curse Of King Tut’s Tomb) and his foxy poodle Bella (voiced by Paris Hilton) and a familiar pair of bumbling jewel thieves (led by Dean Cain of “Lois & Clark” and The Dog Who Saved Christmas) and this holiday may be headed downhill fast! Can Zeus solve the crime, save Bella and hit the slopes, all in time for Christmas Day?
Family, PG, 90 Min 2010(Anchor Bay Entertainment).

The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (2009) Animated adventures of a dolphin who decides to leave the safety of his pod and explore the ocean to discover the true purpose of his life. (Fox).

A Dog Year (2010 -- TV) Jeff Bridges, Lauren Ambrose, Lois Smith. Based on the real-life memoir by best-selling author Jon Katz, "A Dog Year" tells the story of a 50-something writer (Jeff Bridges) in mid- existential crisis, who impulsively agrees to adopt a high-strung border collie named Devon. At first, the dog wreaks chaos on the household Jon shares with two older, mellower Labs. But as Jon learns to let go of the hostility in his own personality, he finds his ability to train and communicate with Devon much easier. Ultimately, the experience transforms both man and dog in meaningful, unexpected ways. (HBO).

Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre (2009 -- Iceland) Gunnar Hansen. A boatload of whale-watching tourists gets hijacked by a family of deranged killers. Available in rated and unrated versions. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Image Entertainment).

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Season 1 Part 2 (2009) Fourteen episodes of the Cartoon Network series; Vert and his gang of elite drivers face off against The Vandals and The Sark in a race through interdimensional Battle Zones for the BattleKeys that unlock portals to Earth. $19.97. (Warner).

Hunter Prey (2010) Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Clark Bartram, Damion Poitier, Simon Potter. A group of elite intergalactic commandos must capture their escaped alien prisoner after their spaceship crash-lands on an unknown planet. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette, commentary by director Sandy Collora. (Maya Entertainment).

Inception (2010) Director: Christopher Nolan. Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas. Available as a standard DVD with bonus featurettes and as a Blu-ray Combo Pack with Blu-ray Disc, DVD and digital copy; the Blu-ray version includes Extraction Mode with more than 90 minutes of bonus content featuring director Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio. (Warner).

Kings of the Evening (2008) Tyson Beckford, Lynn Whitfield, Reginald T. Dorsey, Linara Washington, Bruce McGill, Glynn Turman, James Russo, Steven Williams. Homer Hobbs, home after two years in jail, discovers that life on the outside can be crueler than the back-breaking injustice of the chain gang. He returns to a bleak urban town caught in the depths of the Great Depression -- no jobs, no prospects, no hope -- where he is thrown together with four strangers, each struggling to survive as they scratch and scheme to dig their way out of poverty. But on Sunday nights, in a dingy hall in a forlorn neighborhood, the men of the ghetto piece together the finest attire their meager lives can beg, borrow or steal to compete in an underground contest like no other. (Indican Pictures).

Law & Order: The Eighth Year (1997-98) Five-disc set with 24 episodes, $59.98. (Universal).

LennonNYC (2010) The recent documentary on the years John Lennon spent living in new York City; aired on American Masters as part of the celebration of Lennon's 70th birthday. Following the breakup of the Beatles, the film follows Lennon and Yoko Ono as they moved to Manhattan in 1971, where he sought to escape the mayhem of the Beatles era and focus on his family and private life. At the same time, he created some of the most acclaimed songs and albums of his career. He also remained highly active in the anti-war movement as well as numerous other progressive political causes. With unprecedented and exclusive cooperation from Yoko Ono, access to never-before seen material from the Lennon archives, conversations with his closest confidants -- Ono, Elton John, David Geffen, the photographer Bob Gruen -- and rare recordings of Lennon's greatest solo hits. $24.95. Moved from November 23. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Mystery of the Hope Diamond. Traces the epic journey of this most famous and coveted gem, from its origins to its journey across three continents -- passing from monarchs to thieves to millionaires – to its final home at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. (Infinity/Smithsonian).

Restrepo (2010) Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, the critically acclaimed documentary, directed by Tim Hetherington and award-winning journalist and best-selling author, Sebastian Junger is an intense study on modern warfare. Without political agenda, Hetherington and Junger capture the daily activities of American soldiers deployed at "Outpost Restrepo," a location named after a fellow soldier who was killed during battle. Set in one of Afghanistan's most dangerous valleys, viewers are presented with a raw portrait interspersed with up-close encounters between the comrades. Extras: Extended/deleted scenes; extended interviews; update on the soldiers of 2nd Platoon, Battle Company, 173rd Airborne; collection of YouTube/ videos; photo gallery. $19.99. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Virgil Films & Entertainment).

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (2009) Jake Hoffman, Devon Aoki, John Ventimiglia, Ralph Macchio, Kris Lemche, Jeremy Sisto, Joey Kern. Quirky twist on the Tom Stoppard classic. Living in the back room of his father's doctors office, broke and frustrated ladies man Julian scores his big break when he lands the job directing an off-Broadway version of "Hamlet." Except it's a bizarre adaptation written by a pale Romanian impresario named Theo who is actually a master vampire. Theo hopes to lure the real Hamlet out of hiding so the two can end a centuries long feud over Shakespeare's "Ophelia." Meanwhile, Julian pines for his ex-girlfriend, Anna, who is dating a mobster intent on creating the next great invention -- "Whack a Germ." Added into the mix is a dimwitted detective, the Holy Grail, the Rosicrucian Society, a bunch of sexy vamps, God, and a score by Sean Lennon. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Indican Pictures).

Shrek Forever After (2010) Voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, Jon Hamm, John Cleese, Craig Robinson, Walt Dohrn, Jane Lynch, Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Schaal, Meredith Vieira. Available as a single Blu-ray, Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, single DVD, a Double DVD pack with "Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular," and "Shrek the Whole Story Quadrilogy" four-movie packs on DVD and Blu-ray. Extras: Deleted scenes; three featurettes: "Spotlight On Shrek," "Secrets of Shrek Forever After" and "From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical." Blu-ray adds commentary, "The Tech of Shrek Forever After" featurette, music video for "Shrek, Rattle & Roll" and "Conversation With the Cast." The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack adds "Deck the Swamp" game and DreamWorks Animation Music Video Jukebox. (DreamWorks/Paramount).

SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 6, Volume 2 (2008-09) Two-disc set with 23 episodes, including the double-episode "SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton" that guest stars Victoria Beckham and Sebastian Bach. $26.99. Extras: "Bollywood Bob," "How to Make SpongeBob SquarePants," "The Clash of Triton" shorts. (Nick/Paramount).

Thomas & Friends: The Lion of Sodor (2010) Thomas the Tank Engine roars down the tracks with his most special delivery yet: The Lion of Sodor statue ... but Thomas thinks it's a real lion. Includes three other episodes: "Thomas and the Pigs," "Time for a Story" and "Hiro Helps Out." Extras: "Party Train" match game, "Determination" karaoke song. $14.98. (HIT Entertainment/Lionsgate).

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs ... And More Animal Adventures! (2010) The tale of Three Little Pigs -- from the Wolf's perspective; three other animated stories: "The Pig's Wedding," "Wallace's List" and "Henry Builds a Cabin" (narrated by Mandy Patinkin). $14.95. Moved from November 16. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).

Vega$: The Second Season -- Volume 1 (1979-80) Three-disc set, $39.99. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).

The Year of Getting to Know Us (2007) Jimmy Fallon, Sharon Stone, Tom Arnold, Lucy Liu, Illeana Douglas. New York-based writer Chris Rocket (Fallon) is a man devoted to his work but unable to commit to his beautiful, intelligent girlfriend (Liu) -- or anything else in his personal life. After his estranged, golf-obsessed father Tom (Arnold) suffers a debilitating stroke, Chris heads to his childhood home in Florida where, laying in wait, is his eccentric mother (Stone) and a litany of childhood issues that must be reconciled before he's able to move on with his life. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Entertainment One).

Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper (1982) Yogi poses as a department store Santa and helps a little girl restore her faith in Christmas. New, re-mastered version available for the first time on DVD -- just in time for the theatrical debut of "Yogi Bear," the new live-action/computer animated big screen adventure in 3-D. $14.97. (Warner).

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking Action to End Violence in Relationships

December 06 - National day of Remembrance and
Action on Violence against Women

DOVE (Delta Opposes Violence Everywhere) is a committee of community agencies working together to end violence in relationships. The Dove Committee came together in 2000 and consists of multiple community agencies including; Deltassist Family & Community Services, Delta Police Victim Services, Stroh Healthcare, Diversecity, Options, Family Justice Services, Delta School District, Delta/Surrey Community Corrections, Boys and Girls Club, Ministry for Children and Families and Delta Mental Health.
This committee works in a coordinated effort to end violence in all relationships by bringing about public awareness, as well as working to minimize potential gaps or duplications of services within Delta.

The Dove Committee is one of action and members of the committee will be visible in the community as December 06 - National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women approaches.

December 01-06 DOVE Committee EVENTS:

• December 01-03 - Committee members will be hosting displays in three secondary schools in Delta in an effort to educate youth on the issues of relationship violence.

• Sunday December 05, in addition to hosting a display in South Delta Baptist Church, the DOVE committee will be receiving recognition and a special presentation from that congregation.

South Delta Baptist Church, Pastor Paul Johnson says, “As a church we recognize there are difficult circumstances faced by people in our community. We endeavor to help in prayerful, practical and meaningful ways. Supporting the work of the DOVE committee is one of many opportunities we have to make a positive impact in our community. We are pleased to make a financial contribution to DOVE from the Thanksgiving offerings that took place in our congregation through the month of October.”

On Monday Dec 6th the National Day of Remembrance, the DOVE committee will be accessible and provide resource information at a display in the Scottsdale Center ( 7100 block 120th St in North Delta) between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 5: 00 p.m.

DOVE focuses on ending violence in relationships through;

• Awareness and education – the committee educates the community by identifying different forms of violence that exist in all relationships. Dove is proactive in reaching all age and multicultural groups via outreach at various events through out the year.

• Providing referrals, support and resources – using a holistic approach Dove explores preventative options
looking at all aspects of violence from the victim, offender, to family members. Has developed various resources focusing on safety for adults, teens, and elderly.

• Practical Action – Emergency Care Kits; created and provided to those fleeing abuse.

Last year the DOVE Committee initiated the “Emergency Care Kits” for women, men and children leaving an abusive relationship. The nature of an abusive relationship, often require those involved to relocate suddenly without notice for safety reasons. Emergency Care Kits include basic items such as toiletries to get them through a critical time. With the support of the community the DOVE Committee was able to achieve its 2009 goal of creating 150 Emergency Care Kits. There is always a need for these short term necessities, if you wish to donate various supplies please visit the DOVE website at, or contact Jill Colley at

DVD Releases Tuesday November 30, 2010

This Week's Top Pick:
The Twilight Saga: EclipseThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse In the third chapter in the Twilight franchise, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, Bella is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob -- knowing that her decision has the potential to re-ignite the ageless battle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life. Vitals: Director: David Slade. Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Gil Birgmingham, Christian Serratos. 2010, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 124 min., Fantasy-Drama, Box office gross: $295.9 million, Summit Entertainment. Due December 4

Alarm (2008) Emmet Bergin, Ruth Bradley. A grieving woman, fed up with crime, leaves Dublin for the Irish countryside for a fresh start, but her new life is disturbed by a vendetta and her own suspicion towards her new neighbors and her old friends. (IFC Films).

Fantasia & Fantasia 2000: 2-Movie Collection Special Edition (1940, 1999) Available as a four-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (with both films, in DVD and Blu-ray versions) and a two-disc DVD with both films. Fantasia Extras: New audio commentary with Disney historian Brian Sibley; "Disney Family Museum" tour of the new Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, featuring a very large exhibit on Fantasia and most importantly, the Schultheis notebook with long lost Fantasia production notes found in the walls of a convent. Fantasia 2000 Extras: "Musicana," Walt Disney's late 1970's project intended as a "Fantasia" sequel with a focus on exploring other cultures via their greatest musical compositions. Fantasia Blu-ray adds: "Disney View" viewing mode maximizes the Blu-ray viewing experience with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio and original artwork created by a Disney artist, in a style that complements the beauty of the film; "The Shultheis Notebook: A Disney Treasure" in-depth look at the recently discovered Schultheis Notebook, a detailed log created by Herman Schultheis, an effects man on "Fantasia," that intricately breaks down the film from a technical view (many of the special effects used in Fantasia were a mystery to modern day animators until this notebook was recovered); interactive art gallery and screensavers; commentaries from the "Fantasia Legacy Collection," one with executive producer Roy E. Disney, conductor James Levine, animation historian John Canemaker, and Scott McQueen, manager of film restoration, and one with interviews and story note recreations by Walt Disney, hosted by John Canemaker. Fantasia 2000 Blu-ray adds: "Dali & Disney: A Date With Destino" documentary explores the collaborative relationship between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, revealing how and why the "Destino" short came to fruition under the lead of Roy E. Disney in 2003 so many years after its inception in 1946; "Destino," the legacy of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali lives on in this highly anticipated short film; "Disney's Virtual Vault" BD-Live Feature; original DVD bonus features from Legacy Collection. Four-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack: $45.99; two-disc DVD: $39.99. (Disney).

Going the Distance (2010) Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate, Ron Livingston. Extras: Additional scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (New Line).

Have Gun -- Will Travel: Season Five, Volume One (1961-62) Three-disc set, $42.99. (Paramount).

Iron Man -- Extremis (2010) Six episodes from the multi-part series in a unique replica of comic book-style packaging that bridges the comic book to DVD concept. $14.97 Extras: A conversation with Adi Granov, behind-the-scenes look at Marvel Knights Animation, "Marvel Super Heroes: What The ? Starring Iron Man," "Visual History of Iron Man," music video. (Shout! Factory).

Knight and Day (2010) Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis, Paul Dano, Marc Blucas, Maggie Grace. Available as a single-disc DVD, a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and a three-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Extras: "Wilder Knights and Crazier Days" featurette, "Knight and Someday" featuring the Black Eyed Peas and Tom Cruise, two viral videos: "Soccer" and "Kick." Two-disc combo adds:" Boston Days and Spanish Knights," "Knight and Day: Story," "Knight and Day: Scope," BD-Live extras: "What's New," Live LookUp, "Not Your Regular Spy," excerpt from "Wilder Knights and Crazier Days"; Three-disc combo adds digital copy. (Fox).

Life in Flight (2008) Patrick Wilson, Amy Smart, Lynn Collins. A well-respected architect -- happily married with a beautiful wife and an adoring son -- begins to question his life when he colloaborates with a quirky young female urban designer on a huge development. (IFC Films).

Looney Tunes Super Stars: Foghorn Leghorn & Friends Barnyard Bigmouth. Fifteen cartoon shorts, 14 of which are new to DVD, $19.98. Intended for the adult collector and may not be suitable for children. (Warner).

Looney Tunes Super Stars: Tweety & Sylvester Feline Fwenzy. Showcases 15 of some of the best and brightest shorts featuring the popular canary and cat. All featured cartoons were previously released on DVD. Included are two Academy Award- winning cartoons: "Birds Anonymous" and the seminal "Tweetie Pie." Directed by legendary animator Friz Freleng, "Tweetie Pie" united a duo that appears in more than 40 Warner Bros. cartoon shorts and would go on to earn several other Oscar nominations through the years. $19.98. (Warner).

The Lucy Show: The Third Season (1964-65) Four-disc set with 26 episodes, $42.99. Extras: CBS Opening Materials: Whip 'n' Chill, LUX Liquid, Lux Beauty Soap, Dream Whip, Wisk, Log Cabin Syrup; "A Note About Color," "Lucy at the World's Fair," "Lucy and Jack Benny" (Intro), "The Danny Kaye Show," French clip, cast bios, production notes, photo gallery. (Paramount).

Meet the Fockers (2004) Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Nicole DeHuff, Jon Abrahams, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand. Available on standard DVD and in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Extras: "Inside the Lit," "The Adventures of a Baby Wrangler," "Matt Lauer Meets The Fockers," commentary by director Jay Roach and editor/co-producer Jon Poll. (Universal).

Meet the Parents (2000) Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Nicole DeHuff, Jon Abrahams, Owen Wilson. Available on standard DVD and in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Extras: Outtakes; deleted scenes; "De Niro Unplugged"; "The Truth About Lying"; "Silly Cat Tricks"; "Jay Roach: A Director's Profile"; commentary by director Jay Roach and editor Jon Poll; commentary by Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, director Jay Roach and producer Jane Rosenthal; "Take the Lie Detector Test" game; "The Forecaster" game. (Universal).

Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos With Meredith Levande (2010) A collection of 15 delightfully bright-eyed videos based on songs from award-winning children's musician Meredith Levande's first album, "Monkey Monkey Music With Meredith LeVande." The DVD inspires kids to "get up off the sofa," dance and sing along to an array of fun, rockin', energizing tunes that encourage movement and imagination. From jumping high, to exploring Chinatown, to flying around the country, LeVande's upbeat, educational music comes to life through a highly creative blending of live action videos and colorful animation. For ages 2-5. $19.99, available online at,,, and Due December 1.

Parks and Recreation: Season Two (2009) Four-disc set with 24 episodes, $39.98 Extras: Commentary on select episodes, blooper reel, "Pratt on Parks," "Mouse Rat Rocks the Wrap Party," "?uestlove on: Parks," "Parks and Recreation" theme song performed by Gabby Moreno, "Parks and Recreation" promos -- Winter Games. (Universal).

The Price of Pleasure (2008) Provocative documentary by Chyng Sun and XYZ explores commercial pornography as it increasingly becomes a part of American pop culture and how it has impacted our daily lives. A scholarly take, the film asks what happens when pleasure and pain, commerce and power, liberty and responsibility are intertwined with our human responsibility. (Cinema Libre Studio).

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday Deluxe Edition (2004) AnnaSophia Robb, Mia Farrow, Jordan Bridges. Live-action film based on the popular line of American Girl books and 18-inch dolls that depict important times in America's past. Based on the books about Samantha Parkington, a 9-year-old orphan being raised by her wealthy and proper grandmother in 1904 New York. Extras: "Votes For Women: An American Girl: Samantha," "Mount Bedford News: A Victorian Wedding" featurette. (Warner).

The Sicilian Girl (2010 -- Italy) Veronica D'Agostino, Gerard Jugnot, Francesco Casisa, Marcello Mazzarella, Mario Pupella, Paolo Briguglia. Based on the true story of how 17-year-old Rita Atria broke the Sicilian Mafia's code of silence when she provided testimony about "The Family" after the murder of her father and brother, who were Mafia members as well. The prosecution was based on Rita's first-hand account of life within the Cosa Nostra (which she had scrupulously recorded in the diaries she kept since she was a child), and the trial that's depicted resulted in the conviction of a group of powerful Sicilian syndicate members. The event marked the first time a woman born into a mob-affiliated household would defy "The Family" and offer testimony about their nefarious activities. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. (Music Box Films Home Entertainment).

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, Teresa Palmer, Toby Kebbell, Omar Benson Miller, Monica Bellucci, Alice Krige. Available as a three-disc combo pack with Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy; two-disc combo pack with DVD and Blu-ray, and single-disc DVD. Extras: "The Making of the Sorcerer's Apprentice," deleted scene. Blu-ray extras: Behind the scenes featurettes: "Magic in the City," "The Science of Sorcery," "Making Magic Real," "The Fashionable Drake Stone," "The Grimhold: An Evil Work of Art," "The Encantus," "Wolves & Puppies," "The World's Coolest Car"; deleted scenes, outtakes. (Disney).

The Special Relationship (2010) Michael Sheen, Dennis Quaid, Hope Davis, Helen McCrory. In 1993, Tony Blair was a rising young star in British politics. Three years later he ran for Prime Minister -- and began a "special relationship" with U.S. President Bill Clinton that endured through triumph, conflict and personal scandal. (HBO).

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Gil Birgmingham, Christian Serratos. Available as a single-disc DVD, a single-disc Blu-ray, a double-disc DVD special edition, and a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The single-disc editions are movie only. Two-disc special edition extras: Deleted and extended scenes, commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, commentary with Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey, photo gallery, six-part "making of" documentary, music videos, "Edward Fast-Forward": Jump to all your favorite Edward scenes, "Jacob Fast-Forward": Jump to all your favorite Jacob scenes. Blu-ray/DVD combo adds "Fast-Forward: Love Triangle," "Fast-Forward: The Cullens," "Fast-Forward: The Wolfpack," "Fast-Forward: The Humans," "Fast-Forward: Victoria's Army." (Summit Entertainment). Due December 4.

Valhalla Rising (2009 -- U.K.) Mads Mikkelsen, Jamie Sives, Gary Lewis, Ewan Stewart. A brutally beautiful Viking film with international star that centers on One Eye, a chained prisoner forced to fight to the death for the entertainment of his captors. When One Eye escapes, he stumbles upon a group of warriors headed to the Crusades. But fate has something else in store, as the men drift into the New World, where savages stalk them one by one in increasingly violent ways. Is One Eye an avenging angel or just the guiltiest of them all? (IFC Films).

Vampires Suck (2010) Jenn Proske, Matt Lanter, Diedrich Bader, Chris Riggi, Ken Jeong, Anneliese van der Pol. Available as a single-disc DVD with both theatrical and unrated extended versions, and as a two-disc Blu-ray Disc with both the theatrical and unrated extended versions. Extras: Five deleted scenes, gag reel. Blu-ray adds four more deleted scenes, BD Live and a digital copy. (Fox).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Burns Bog Society Launches Lawsuit Against Feds


Wednesday, November 24, 2010 – Delta, B.C. – The Burns Bog Conservation Society announced today that it has delivered a statement of claim to Federal court office. The Society claims that the Federal Government has violated the conservation covenant to protect Burns Bog.

“The construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road will have a significant impact to the health and well being of residents, plants and animals alike,” said Eliza Olson, President, Burns Bog Conservation Society. “Our Governments have failed to conduct a thorough and credible analysis of the environmental impact of paving a highway through Burns Bog, over valuable farmland, and along the Fraser River.”

The freeway will cause irreparable harm to critical habitats of the Fraser delta including the bog, farmland, and the forests and wetlands located in Surrey and North Delta. As such, Burns Bog Conservation Society, with a grant from West Coast Environmental Law, has hired Vancouver lawyer Jay Straith to advocate on their behalf.

“The governments have failed to honour their commitment to protect Burns Bog under a Conservation Covenant and Management Plan signed by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, and the Corporation of Delta,” said lawyer Jay Straith. “They must be held accountable for their actions and negligence.”

Further, the Federal Government has violated public trust, and ignored their fiduciary duty to protect the environment, by carrying out the development of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. The development contravenes the laws outlined in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Federal Species at Risk Act in the following ways:

  • Fails to ensure that the Federal Environmental Assessment of the South Fraser Perimeter Road was considered in a careful and precautionary manner, to avoid adverse environmental effects
  • Fails to disclose the use of Federal lands for the purpose of enabling the project to be carried out
  • Fails to protect endangered species such as the Pacific Water Shrew
  • Fails to meet the legal requirement of assessing the overall cumulative effects of the South Fraser
  • Perimeter Road, in combination with related Gateway Projects such as the Delta Port expansion and Golden Ears Bridge.

Eliza Olson, president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society, is one of ten finalists in CBC's Champions of Change contest. If she wins, Burns Bog will get $25,000 which would help pay for the lawsuit. If you haven't already, please go to CBC's Champions of Change and vote for Eliza. You can vote up to ten times, and can cast all of your votes today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DVD Releases Tuesday November 23, 2010

This Week's Top Pick:
The ExpendablesThe Expendables A hard-hitting action/thriller about a group of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Once the mission begins, the men realize things arent quite as they appear, and they find themselves caught in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. With their mission thwarted and an innocent life in danger, the men struggle with an even tougher challenge one that threatens to destroy this band of brothers.

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is a man with nothing to lose. Fearless and void of emotion, he is the leader, the sage and the strategist of this tight-knit band of men who live on the fringe. His only attachment is to his pickup truck, his seaplane and his team of loyal modern-day warriors. The team behind him is made up of Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), former SAS and a savant with anything that has a blade; Yin Yang (Jet Li), a master at close-quarter combat; Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), a long-barrel weapons specialist; Toll Road (Randy Couture), a skilled demolitions expert and considered the intellect of the group; and Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), a combat veteran and an expert in precision sniping who struggles with his own demons.

When the mysterious Church offers Barney a job no one else would take, Barney and his team embark on what appears to be a routine mission: overthrow General Gaza (David Zayas), the murderous dictator of the small island country of Vilena and end the years of death and destruction inflicted on its people. On a reconnaissance mission to Vilena, Barney and Christmas meet their contact Sandra (Giselle Itie), a local freedom-fighter with a dark secret. They also come to learn who their true enemy is: rogue ex-CIA operative James Monroe (Eric Roberts) and his henchman Paine (Steve Austin). When things go terribly wrong, Barney and Christmas are forced to leave Sandra behind, essentially giving her a death sentence. Haunted by this failure, Barney convinces the team to return to Vilena to rescue the hostage and finish the job he started. Vitals: Director: Sylvester Stallone. Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Giselle Itie, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, David Zayas, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts. 2010, CC, MPAA rating: R, 103 min., Action, Box office gross: $102.516 million, Lionsgate.

Ancient Aliens: The Complete Season One (2010) Three-disc set with 5 episodes, $29.95. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Animal Tales (2010) An animal-themed collection of episodes from Barney ("Pets"), Bob the Builder ("Scruffty on Guard"), Thomas & Friends ("Thomas and the Golden Eagle"), Fireman Sam ("Baa Baa Baby") and Kipper ("Cakes and Tails"), $14.98. (HIT Entertainment/Lionsgate).

Batman Beyond: The Complete Series. Nine-disc set with all 52 episodes from Seasons 1-3, $99.98. Extras: Commentaries; season retrospectives; featurettes: "Tomorrow Knight: The Batman Reborn," "Gotham: City of the Future," "The High Tech Hero"; four-page, 8"x 12" collectible booklet. (Warner).

Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder (2000, 2002) Lindsay Crouse, Meredith Monroe, Richard Thomas, Skye Bartusiak, Walton Goggins, Tess Harper. Parts 1 and 2. (Paramount)

Countdown to Zero (2010) Traces the history of the atomic bomb from its origins to the present state of global affairs: nine nations possessing nuclear weapons capabilities with others racing to join them, with the world held in a delicate balance that could be shattered by an act of terrorism, failed diplomacy, or a simple accident. Extras: Deleted scenes, additional interviews, archival footage, Ploughshares Fund PSA. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).

David Bowie: Rare and Unseen (2009) A look at the British actor, musician and producer who has lead the pop music scene for five decades. Most famous for his alter-ego, the ostentatious, androgynous "Ziggy Stardust" during the glam-rock era of the early 1970s, Bowie has continually reinvented his music and image and is regarded as an influential innovator. Uses missing-believed-wiped archive interviews and rare and unseen footage. $14.95. (MVD Entertainment).

The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009) Martin Compston, Eddie Marsan, Gemma Arterton. Two masked men kidnap the daughter of a millionaire but their plan goes awry when she fights back and turns the tables on them. Extras: Commentary by director J. Blakeson, storyboard featurettes, extended scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (WestEnd Films).

Eat Pray Love (2009) Julia Roberts, James Franco, Richard Jenkins, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, Javier Bardem. Includes both theatrical and director's cut. Extras: "Ryan Murphy's Journey With Eat Pray Love" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc, which adds "Eat Pray Love: The Beginning of the Journey" featurette, "Finding Balance" featurette, "Praying in India" featurette. (Sony).

Exhibit A (2007 -- U.K.) Brittany Ashworth, Bradley Cole, Angela Forrest, Oliver Lee. A young girl's video camera documentation of her family's financial and emotional deterioration ... and then the unimaginable. Extras: "Making of" featurette, behind-the-scenes footage, bonus teaser trailers, more. (IndiePix).

The Expendables (2010) Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Giselle Itie, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, David Zayas, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray/DVD Combo with digital copy. (Lionsgate)

Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles (2008 -- TV) Amy Acker, Tom Wisdom, John Rhys-Davies, Arnold Vosloo. A peaceful kingdom is invaded by a fire dragon. (Entertainment One).

Flipped (2010) Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, Rebecca De Mornay, Anthony Edwards, John Mahoney, Penelope Ann Miller, Aidan Quinn, Kevin Weisman, Morgan Lily, Ryan Ketzner, Gillian Pfaff. Extras: "Anatomy of a near Kiss" featurette. Also available as a Blu-ray/Combo Pack with digital copy. (Warner).

If You Could Say It With Words (2009) Marin Ireland, Gerry Lehanea. A painter with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome challenges a young woman's conventional idea of romance and his own understanding of love. (Vanguard Cinema).

I'm Still Here (2010) Casey Affleck's documentary about Joaquin Phoenix's transition from the acting world to a career as an aspiring rapper. Is it truth or fiction? Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, alternate ending outtakes, more. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).

Jolene (2010) Jessica Chastain, Dermot Mulroney, Theresa Russell, Chazz Palminteri, Rupert Friend, Michael Vartan, Denise Richards, Donald Sutherland. Jolene is a red-haired wanderer who isn't content to call one place home for any expended stretch of time. Setting off to explore the outside world at age 15, the free-spirited teen embarks on a decade-long cross-country of adventure which finds her crossing the paths of everyone from a firebrand Texan who steals her heart and destroys her marriage to his wealthy fundamentalist nephew, to an ex-mobster attempting to make good in Las Vegas. Based on E.L. Doctorow's acclaimed short story. (Entertainment One).

Journal of a Contract Killer (2008) Justine Powell, Jake Canuso, Marco Gambino, Adam Leese. A high-class hooker and assassin for the Italian Mob, now a single mother working in London as a waitress, is forced by the mob to do one last job. The hit goes wrong and her daughter is kidnapped ... but the mob didn't figure on her capacity for revenge. (Vanguard Cinema).

Leather Jacket Love Story (1997) Sean Tataryn, Christipher Bradley. A tough-as-nails biker and a naive young poet search for love in bohemian L.A. (Entertainment One).

LennonNYC (2010) The recent documentary on the years John Lennon spent living in new York City; aired on American Masters as part of the celebration of Lennon's 70th birthday. Following the breakup of the Beatles, the film follows Lennon and Yoko Ono as they moved to Manhattan in 1971, where he sought to escape the mayhem of the Beatles era and focus on his family and private life. At the same time, he created some of the most acclaimed songs and albums of his career. He also remained highly active in the anti-war movement as well as numerous other progressive political causes. With unprecedented and exclusive cooperation from Yoko Ono, access to never-before seen material from the Lennon archives, conversations with his closest confidants -- Ono, Elton John, David Geffen, the photographer Bob Gruen -- and rare recordings of Lennon's greatest solo hits. $24.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Love Shack (2010) Mark Feuerstein, Michael B. Silver, Pete Gardner, Molly Hagan, Diora Baird. Porn industry spoof centers on a dysfunctional "family" of adult film stars for a memorial porn shoot following the death of a legendary producer. Along the way, the film's hapless director must contend with dueling Divas, bickering couples, emotionally-scarred tag-team brothers, and a dominatrix with low self-esteem. Extras: Deleted scenes. (Strand Releasing).

Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Twelfth Season (1995-96) Five-disc set with all 24 episodes of the final season, $49.98. (Universal).

A Nanny for Christmas (2010) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Dean Cain, Cynthia Gibb, Richard Ruccolo. Romantic comedy about a smart and sassy business woman searching for a new job who gets a gig as a nanny at Christmas time, and receives a gift she never expected. (Anchor Bay Entertainment).

Not Since You (2009) Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson, Christian Kane, Jon Abrahams, Sunny Mabrey. A romantic drama about a tight-knit group of college friends who graduated from NYU the year of 9/11 and reunite years later for a weekend wedding in Georgia, where unresolved conflicts and love affairs come to the fore. (Monarch Home Video).

The Pillars of the Earth (2009) Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen, Rufus Sewell. Three-disc uncut set of the eight-part Starz miniseries based on Ken Follett's best-selling novel about an idealistic mason who sets out on a quest to erect a glorious Cathedral bathed in light during England's Dark Ages -- and runs up against a conspiracy of secrets. $59.95 Extras: "The Making of The Pillars of the Earth," "Visual Effects Progression," "Main Titles Progression." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Sony).

Presenting Roger Corman's ... Best of the B's Collection 3: Escape From Prison! Three-disc set with five digitally remastered, full-length women-in-prison feature films: "Swamp Women" (1955)," Women in Cages" (1971), "The Big Bust Out" (1973) "The Hot Box" (1972), "High School Big Shot" (1959). $29.98. Extras: Classic Corman film trailer. (Infinity Entertainment Group).

7th Heaven: The Final Season (2006-07) Five-disc set with 22 episodes, $49.99. (CBS/Paramount).

Shaolin Mantis (1978 -- Hong Kong) A young scholar recruited by the Emperor to infiltrate the Tien Clan in order to get evidence of the clan's connection to Ming loyalists and anti-Ching activities. If Wei fails in his mission, his own well-connected family will be punished. As the plot thickens, the young man goes into the wild to observe a praying mantis to develop the mantis style of fighting to save the day. (Weinstein/Vivendi Entertainment).

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection. Forty-DVD set with all 100 digitally-preserved hour-long episodes -- including three presented in their original two-hour broadcast versions, all remastered from the original, uncut broadcast versions. The set also contains more than 17 hours of all-new bonus material, highlighted by new, in-depth interviews with Lee Majors (Col. Steve Austin) and Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) among others. Also included will be the three pilot TV movies ("The Six Million Dollar Man," "Wine, Women and War" and "Solid Gold Kidnapping"), the three reunion TV movies ("The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman," "Bionic Showdown" [featuring Sandra Bullock] and "Bionic Ever After?"), the never-before-released cross-over episodes of "The Bionic Woman," 17 original featurettes, audio commentaries and more. $239.95 from Time-Life. Preorders:

Space Precinct: The Complete Series (1994-95) Five-disc set with 24 episodes of the live-action/animated series about the extraterrestrial adventures of two NYPD detectives who are transferred to the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor. Created by animation genius Gerry Anderson. $49.98. (Image Entertainment).

Strictly Ballroom Special Edition (1992) Dir.: Baz Luhrmann; Paul Mercurio, Tara Morice, Bill Hunter, Pat Thomson, Gia Carides. Extras: New mini documentary "Strictly Ballroom: From Stage to Screen," "Samba to Slow Fox" featurette, commentary by Baz Luhrmann, Catheriine Martin and John O'Connell, photo gallery. (Disney).

The Tudors: The Complete Series (2007-10) Sixteen-disc set, $129.98. Extras: "Hirst's Castle" interview with Michael Hirst discussing the creation and writing process of "The Tudors" series; "Reviving History" featurette on the adaptation of the Tudors story to modern audiences; "Royal Manners" etiquette featurette; "Poetic License" interactive quiz; "Henry's Wives Club"; "History of the Tudor Rose"; "Medieval Arms"; "Tracking the Tudor Dynasty"; "Wheel of Misfortune"; deleted scenes; blooper reel; "Tudors 500th Anniversary: Hampton Court"; "Tudors 500th Anniversary: Tower of London"; "Tudors 500th Anniversary: British Library." (CBS/Paramount).

12 Men of Christmas (2009) Kristin Chenoweth, Anna Chlumsky, Josh Hopkins. When die-hard New Yorker and publicist E.J. Baxter (Chenoweth) loses both her high-powered Manhattan job and her lawyer-fiance at her office Christmas party, she winds up taking a job and moving to Montana. To help the local search-and-rescue station raise desperately needed funds, she convinces the male rescue workers to pose for a naked calendar, winning the heart of one of the pin-ups. Extras: Interactive calendar using images from the film. (Fox).

The Winning Season (2009) Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts, Margo Martindale, Rob Corddry. A has-been coach is given a shot at redemption when he's asked to run his local high school's girls basketball team.Extras: Commentary by director James C. Strouse. (Lionsgate).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Re-zoning ROW Could Cost Delta Millions

Tsawwassen Power LinesMayor and Council,

The overwhelming opposition expressed by Tsawwassen residents resulted in the Mayor’s declaration last Thursday that the poorly conceived Tsawwassen Area Plan would be abandoned. However, the part of the plan dealing with higher density, town homes, condos, etc., on the power line properties along 53A Street requires further attention. The advantages and suitability of such development on the power line properties along 53A, specifically for the section between 8A and 16th Avenue, were identified early in the community’s opposition against BC Transmission Corporation’s (now BC Hydro) proposal for the new high voltage transmission lines through Tsawwassen. The suggestion was at the time made on the premise that the power lines would be relocated away from the existing Tsawwassen Right-of-Way, and all soil contamination appropriately excavated and removed from the many affected properties. The new lines and tall, steel poles are clear evidence that the lines are here to stay, committed contamination clean-up was not conducted, and the residents will continue to be affected by all negative aspects associated with the lines and the ROW.

The electromagnetic radiation and corona will increase with an escalating power demand on Vancouver Island, and the resulting controversial health aspects will persist. Signed affidavits presented to the BC Utilities Commission by the property owners in 2006 established that 43 percent of ROW households had experienced one or more incidents of cancer illnesses or deaths. While this was dismissed by the authorities as inconclusive, it remains a significant fact and concern, and exposing an even larger number of residents to these hazards would be reprehensible. Creosote associated soil contamination, proven through soils analysis, exceeding levels allowed by B.C. Contaminated Sites Regulation, exists on many properties.

Future potential liabilities and litigation which may arise as a result of health problems and soil contamination clean-up costs related to the ROW must remain the sole responsibility of BC Hydro and the BC Government. The Corporation of Delta should therefore exercise extreme caution with respect to rezoning or issuing of development permits and other permits which could be construed as Delta accepting responsibility for any of these inherent negative aspects of the ROW properties. Otherwise, the Corporation, and consequently all Delta taxpayers, could be exposed to numerous future litigation and soil contamination clean-up costs, which could run into tens of millions of dollars!

Karsten Holmsen


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

By Debbie McBride - Beneath cloudy skies and standing in a brisk cold breeze, over a hundred people took part in an intimate and moving Remembrance Day service at Delta Heritage Airpark. This was the fifth year Delta Heritage Airpark, which is located at the foot of 104 St. in Delta, has held a Remembrance Day service.
The ceremony is centered around the flagpole located near the grass landing strip and heritage hangers which house numerous recreational aircraft.

The start of the service is signalled by the rumbling flyover of World War II aircraft taking off from nearby Boundary Bay Airport. These Warbirds then continue on to participate in Remembrance Day services located throughout Metro Vancouver.

The service continued as words of remembrance, including the reading of In Flanders Fields, were spoken and the flag lowered to half-mast. Serving as Colour Guards were members of 655 Richmond Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets, who also provided Bugler Sgt Asheesh Jagdeo.

The haunting strains of Last Post, the observance of two minutes of silence and Reveille were all the more poignant as birdsong surrounded the diverse crowd of all ages who had come to pay their respect to and honour all those who had sacrificed so much.

Wreaths were placed in memory of All Veterans by Larry Thomson and Tony Swain and for Commonwealth Airmen by Ralph Rowe. At the end of the service a number of people placed their poppies on this wreath which was later taken to and placed at the little known Commonwealth Airmen Memorial Garden in Stanley Park.
What makes this service so unique is the time of personal reflection that is open to all in attendance. During this time people spoke of those they had known during times of war and shared their stories in a personal and touching time that isn’t possible in larger, more formal ceremonies.

The service was then concluded by the singing of O Canada led by 10 year old Isabelle Hui Bon Hoa and the flypast of the returning Warbirds and a formation flight of nine single engine aircraft from Delta Heritage Airpark.
After the ceremony all were invited to the Airpark coffee shop to partake in a chili lunch hosted by the Airpark and the Recreational Aircraft Association Chapter 85.