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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Stacked Deck with a King up the sleeve.

To the Editor of the Delta Optimist:

RE: Deck stacked in favour of development, letter to the editor Nov. 18

Frank Kemp is right to believe the deck has been stacked in favour of developing the Southlands, because it has. What Mr. Kemp didn’t know is that it doesn’t stop with Mayor Lois Jackson, the handpicked Tsawwassen Area Planning Committee, and Councilor Bruce McDonald (also chair of the TAPC). It would seem the vice chair of the TAPC, Councilor Heather King is in favour of developing the Southlands as well and she makes no secret about it.

On Heather King’s website,, she goes on the record saying, “I know the plan calls for 1/3 housing and 2/3 green space. I like that. I am also in favour of the farming methods. I encourage anyone interested to explore the farming methods happening on the Earthwise garden where there are currently community plots being farmed with natural methods rather than chemical pesticides. I like this and it is part of the Southlands plan.” She goes on to finish her stance with, “I am excited about the possibility of a post secondary campus in Delta as proposed in the Southlands plan. I spoke to Sean Hodgins about the Southlands. We may very well see a third or even forth plan before us when he invites the public for more public consultation.”
It’s truly a sad day when our elected leadership makes no attempt at maintaining even an image of democracy. The review of the Tsawwassen Area Plan is a complete hoax. It is an unnecessary exercise and a waste of taxpayer’s time and money in an era where both are in short supply. I for one, won’t stand by quietly while the municipal government makes a mockery of the citizens they are empowered to represent honestly and with integrity. The only way this council is going to learn anything from this is when they are looking for new jobs come Election Day. Then we’ll see who holds the cards.


  1. What a joke. Why don't you tell us all how you would choose the TAPC. I would love to hear.

  2. Actually Mike, I'm not entirely convinced a TAPC was even necessary. There was no motion put forth to rezone the Southlands. I would have left well enough alone. If I were to put a group together I would vet them very thoroughly. Since it seems that this committee's main directive is to make a proposal regarding the Southlands I would immediately disqualify anyone from either camp. If you served on the Century Group's panel you would be disqualified, if you were in Frank Kemp's camp you would be disqualified, if you received any (even one penny) money from the Century group you would be disqualified.

    The problem with committee's of this nature is that the appearance of corruption is worse than actual corruption. This committee should never have been tasked with providing decision on the Southlands.

  3. Hi Elvis.

    The TAPC are not making any decisions on the Southalnds. Please visit the Corp website and you will see that this is simply not the case. As usual, Delta council makes all zoning decisions based on community and staff input. Many people think that the TAPC are making decisions here. They are not.

    Thanks, Mike

  4. I do understand that the TAPC doesn't have the power to change the Southlands current designation from agricultural but it will be up to the committee to recommend to Delta council whether the current designation should change.

    We will see how the process unfolds. I just hope that this council isn't using the committee as a shield to hide behind. No matter what the recommendations of the committee are (and I imagine them to be split) you know as well as I do that it can be spun to suit whatever viewpoint you favour. In the end council needs to know how important the decision to be made is.

    No matter what side of the fence you sit on this issue, the outcome will drastically change our community. I have nothing against you personally Mike, I share many of your views expressed in the opinion pages of the Optimist.

    I just hope that I win on this one!

  5. Why is it that so often when a politician is in offoce for any length of time, they forget that they are the ones who are supposed to TAKE direction rather than GIVE direction to those who they represent?
    Perhaps the idea of limiting any elected position to 2 terms maximum is a good one!